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MagneCap is a new and exciting product. If used correctly, MagneCap helps to eliminate misfueling and solves fuel cap storage problems. What is misfuelling? Misfueling is when the wrong type of fuel is used to fill up your vehicle. Once a car has been misfuelled, the fuel tank needs draining and the contaminated fuel disposed of. This procedure is hazardous and has been reported in some cases to cause fatalities. Misfueling can cost motorists anything between £80-£12,000. MagneCap gives the motorist another quick and easy option. There are two types of MagneCap, one for a Diesel vehicle and another for Unleaded. Purchase the correct MagneCap for your vehicle, (Diesel or Unleaded) and attach it to your existing fuel cap. Whenever you fill up, place your converted cap to the base holder, which are located at the pumps of participating service stations. If the correct fuel is chosen the MagneCap will stick to that base. MagneCap have devised this product with YOU in mind. Not only have you a place to store your fuel cap while filling up, but remember, Don’t misfuel! Stick with MagneCap! Why people misfueIt’s an easy mistake to make. Fuel pump colours vary with each forecourt, ranging from yellow, black to blue. Many homes now own, on average 2 cars. Using your partner’s car, hiring a vehilce or just simply being in a hurry with 21st century distractions, only add to this confusion. Don’t misfuel! Stick with MagneCapTM!

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